Whether I live in a place where the winter is so cold I feel the chills are penetrating my bones, or a city where the summer is so hot I need to take a few showers a day- just to stay cool-scarves are always part of my wardrobe. I wear chunky knitted scarves like this one to compliment a heavy wool jacket, or a light colorful one for a cool Spring day. Even in the warmest weather, I always put a light scarf in my handbag for when I encounter the blasting cool air conditioner of a department store or an office.

You can imagine my happiness when MoonCats sent me this lovely Pinklicious scarf from their current collection, I knew it would be perfect for Miami winter (don’t be jealous:). It is really cool in the mornings and the breeze makes a mess of my curls, but I absolutely don’t need anything thicker than this beautiful, vibrant piece. Pinklicious is soft perfectly bright for a sunny day. It is easy to combine with different outfits. I have worn it a few times already and can’t get enough of it.

MoonCats is a fashion accessories brand, selling exclusively online. Most of their super trendy  and cute scarves are less than $40. I can spend hours on their website looking at all the different styles of scarves, gloves and hats they carry. I am especially in love with their Touchscreen gloves and plan to order a couple of pairs for my upcoming trip!

MoonCats has created a 30% discount code with my name! Go to their website, pick your favorite item and use the code BOLANOSANGELA30OFF (That’s a 3-0 and the letter O) to get a special price, just for my readers!

Love. Goodness. Style

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