My Favorite Spring/Summer Hats

I am quite aware that as I write this post, with the bright Florida sunshine glaring through my living room window, most of the country can’t even fathom the idea of transitioning into Spring/Summer items yet. It has been an incredibly harsh winter, especially for the northern states. Yet, everyone is just a little closer to warmer weather and the absolute need to protect our faces from harmful exposure to the sun.

Of course our Florida winters are a joke -comparatively speaking- I can still feel the difference between our Winter and Spring seasons. Besides the wave of humidity, the burning sun is so much more intense once February is over. I usually sport my healthy, natural tan throughout the year, but if I am not careful after the Winter months, I get so tanned I can’t even use the same shade of foundation anymore!
That’s why Spring/Summer hats are so important for me, they keep me feeling fresh, protected and stylish.
My favorite style is anything with a wide brim because it looks great, it still does the job, and they are more comfortable to wear than floppy hats, which can be cumbersome if the brim is too wide (I know I have many a times had to lift the front of my floppy hat just to cross the street safely!). I do like to wear the occasional baseball cap, especially when I haven’t had time to do my hair and need to run a quick errand. For an elegant brunch, the grosgrain trim-straw hat will surely make an impression.
    Eugenia Kim’s Brigitte Grosgrain-Trimmed Straw Hat

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