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This week’s Beauty Thursday  is all about the bare bones of my weekday makeup routine. As much as I’d like to, I can never manage the time to put on a full ‘other face’ before going to work. However, I like to at least cover up a few blemishes and spruce up my eyes (otherwise I look like I still have the pillow attached to my face). These are the five products that get me through the work week. I am constantly changing them and trying new things, so don’t be surprise if I come up with a new combination before too soon. My night time routine is a little more elaborate, and I go all out on weekends and for special events. Look for posts about those routines in the near future!



1. Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil-free makeup

I’m really happy with this no-fuss foundation. My face has been unusually “pimply” lately. I suspect it’s the result of all that peanut butter I’ve been putting in my morning smoothies.

This product is very light and keeps face shine at bay for most of the day. It gives you a very natural look as long as you get the right shade for your skin tone. I don’t quite get the glow I get with my all time favorite foundation, but it does the trick for everyday on-the-go makeup (especially for a drugstore brand).


2. L’oreal True Match Concealer

It hasn’t been until a couple of years ago that I started worrying about dark circles under my eyes. They are not too prominent but I see them, they are there and I like to cover them. Now, the trick with concealer is not going overboard and ending up with white circles instead. Just the same as foundation, the most important thing is to find the right shade for your skin tone. Make sure to spend enough time trying colors out and, don’t be shy to take a selfie since “white circles” are most noticeable in pictures. This concealer is easy to blend and just a small dab does the job.


3. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

You simply cannot get a better product for the price. Sure there are plenty more technologically advanced brushes, but this mascara is very efficient and, most importantly, you won’t have a single clump. It opens up my eyes by elongating my lashes significantly. I don’t wear it at night because I don’t think it is dramatic enough, but it is perfect for daytime activities.


4. Clinique Long Lasting Soft Shine Lipstick

I love everything Clinique and this lipstick does not disappoint. Quite the opposite, it stays on for many hours and doesn’t form the white line on the inside of my lips I usually get with cheaper brands. I only have to retouch it if I have been drinking or eating. My favorite shades are the Merlot and the Berry Frieze.


5. Clinique “Quickliner for Eyes” Pencil

Another Clinique winner, this eye pencil is so easy to apply, you don’t need a super steady pulse to do a good job. I love the “smudger” on the opposite side of the pencil, ideal if I want to try a bit of a smokey eye. It glides easily on the outside of my eye and it is thin enough to use on the inside without feeling like I might poke my eye out.

There you have it! Simple, efficient and very affordable.

Makeup photo (with duck): Angela Bolaños

All other photos sourced from the internet


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