Blogger Spotlight: Cupcakes and Cashmere

I have been reading Cupcakes and Cashmere for as long as I’ve been aware of personal blogs. I visit this page almost daily, hoping to get more fashion tips and lifestyle advice from the lovely Emily Schuman. She is the super-cute-girl-next-door who you’d think has it all together and always cooks while sipping a glass of champagne. But Emily makes sure to let her readers know that  being that stylish takes effort. Her honest and simple approach is what makes her so likeable, and though I look at a number of “aspirational” blogs regularly, her posts are the ones I actually read from beginning to end. Another reason why I love this blog so much is its consistency. There are categories she abides by so I know what to expect in terms of topics. But every post has a refreshing new take on the subject, or a fact I have never heard before. This writing style gives me both the surprise and consistency I need from my favorite blogs. Food recipes, home decor advice, DIY for both home decor and fashion are the bulk of the blog’s content. Once in a while, she gives what I call “life advice and musings”, like her recent post about her experience being an only child.

If you prefer printed material, Emily released a version of her blog in book form and is about to release another one this upcoming May. Her pictures are beautifully uncomplicated and bright.

This blog always puts as smile on my face.

Picture 3


Love. Goodness. Style.

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