The Lob

The usually long-awaited summer months tend to be my least favorite time of the year. While the rest of the country is looking forward to a break from the cold temperatures, a permanent staple throughout the winter season, those of us living in South Florida know that the summer season means hot days and humid evenings, which barely allow for anything other than a tied-up bun or a high ponytail for the most part. Hence why, come early June, I chop my locks off.

Besides making life so much easier and shaving off at least a half hour of my daily “getting ready’ routine, it puts me in a breezy-summery mood.

The term, “the lob”, was news to me when walked into my new hairstylist’s studio, begging for a drastic change. I usually sport my unruly and naturally wavy hair below the shoulders; it is not always a walk in the park to style it, but, this length frames my face nicely. I like being able to change it up a bit depending on where I am going:  wild and curly for a night out clubbing or a beautiful French braid for a work day or Sunday brunch with friends.

That’s how “the lob” came into my life. The great thing about the lob is that it suits most face shapes. The tip to keep in mind is to always keep it in check. My hairstylist emphasized that it may grow out oddly and I need to keep it up and trim it regularly until I decide to either cut it short or grow it out.

These are some of my favorite celebrities and their “lobs”!


Elizabeth Olsen



Jessica Alba



Kerry Washington



Olivia Palermo



Alexa Chung



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