Gold Seams

My office space is so dark -compared to the rest of the building- that my co-workers call it “the cave”. I don’t mind it so much because I know that the moment I step out the door the bright Florida sunshine will come through the floor to ceiling glass windows of the galleries. Nevertheless, I offset the ‘gloomy’ mood of the space by filling it with pretty things, colorful prints, and greenery everywhere.



I “stopped by”  the Anthropologie site while looking for something a little more exciting than the plain plastic containers currently housing most of my plants. I quickly found what I was looking for. This stunning Rustic Prussian Pot which I purchased right away! I loved its contrasting textures. The rough cement-like sections paired with glossy and smooth floral design create a perfectly exotic balance.

I received the vase about a week after the purchase. My heart sank when I opened the box. The red clay “insides” of the vase were my first sight. I called to store right away, but I as I had feared, this beauty was out of stock. It was so poorly packaged it was easy to guess why it hadn’t survived the trip. Luckily, it had broken in three large sections. I could still see its beauty and potential. I headed to home depot that afternoon and purchased glue and spakling paste. I was ready to ‘operate’.

Kintsugi, the japanese art of fixing broken pottery, was my best friend and inspiration this week. Of course, the result was not as masterful, but I did a pretty good job. The contrasting textures of the vase helped make the “mending” look a bit more organic.

I used a vibrant shade of liquid metallic acrylic paint from the brand Sargent.

This already beautifully ornate vase has so much more character now and I am looking forward to recount the story of how “I saved it” to anyone who visits my office.

3 Thoughts on “Gold Seams

  1. You did a great job repairing that vase! I also like decorating my space with colorful and cheerful objects 🙂

  2. With two kids I have many of my home decor items by doing a little surgery…sometimes even repurposing but keeping the pretty aspects that I liked! I am glad you were able to salvage your vase and add a little more personality to your “cave.” 🙂

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