Coconut Water Face Spray

During the summer, I am more likely to use my face mist than my moisturizer. It’s especially refreshing because I live in Florida and our summers are brutal.

Rose water is always a favorite. This Mario Badescu face spray has been a favorite for the last few months.

I recently found this Pearlesssence coconut water face mist and fell in love with it. I don’t like to clog my bathroom shelves with beauty products. I usually buy what I need and wait until something is down to the bottom of the bottle before I replenish. I didn’t particularly need a new mist, but when I sprayed this one at the store, I was literally taken aback by the refreshing feeling I got when the water hit my face. The scent is so delicious, it brought me back to a time when I drank water right from the coconut. It does have a subtle perfume undertone, which I love, since I don’t necessarily feel I smell like food when I use it.



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