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The beauty market is filled with such a myriad of  products that it feels like I am taking on a herculean task any time I want to share a new discovery on my blog. Though not necessarily a hoarder,  I very much enjoy stacking up my bathroom’s cubbies with ‘potions’ and lotions that promise a dewy look, softer hands, or a special glow. Why would anyone want to read about this? Do I have time to take pictures? Is this worth me sitting down and writing a whole paragraph about it? The answer to all three questions has to be a resounding YES! Every time, before I even consider writing a post.

The only way I can formulate a thoughtful narrative about anything is if  I am filled with excitement about it. Please know that I only highlight things, places, habits, and subjects that have made an impact on me, whether large or small, they have created a pleasant memory or brought a smile to my face. I can’t remember the last time I felt this gitty about nail polish. I love a perfect manicure. Unfortunately, beautifully polished nails and painters don’t really go hand in hand, not for too long anyway. I spend every free moment I get working on my paintings or my wearable art, barely having time to fully clean my hands, which more often than not, proudly show remnants of acrylic, gouache, or the occasional varnish stain. I still try to keep my nails in check, especially if I am looking to attend a special event, or have a date in sight.

I always cherish finding new cosmetic products that are clean, respectful to the environment, and do not test on animals. Just like my favorite go to brands, Gabriel Cosmetics and Pacifica Beauty, B’livinn nail polish is free of harmful chemicals and comes in a range of beautiful shades. What sets the latter brand apart is their uniquely creatively packaging. I am all about packaging, it does matter and I do appreciate how things are presented. Another reason why I care about packaging so much is that it makes gifting these items that much easier, instead if an elaborate gift wrapping job,  I can just put these little boxes in a cute bag with tissue paper and I’m done.








I think I squealed when  I saw the designs of each little box that can be chosen every time a B’livinn nail polish is purchased. I first saw them at the Gift Shop at Books and Books in Coral Gables, but it is the same case if you purchase directly from their website. You choose the nail polish color you like, and then choose the preferred packaged, depending on your favorite design.

There is one design for everyone! Colorful pineapples, cute macarons, or simple yet cheerful text, I love them all and look forward to collecting them.







3 Thoughts on “Ooh la la-B’livinn

  1. Such beautiful packaging! I love the one with the pointe shoe!!! I’ll definitely check this brand out.

  2. omg wait thats the packaging?! Noo wayy! I love it! I would be so excited just to get that little cute box!!!

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