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I love books. I read slowly and can fall asleep before finishing the first page. However, there are few activities that make me feel more accomplished than reading a book from beginning to end.

New books often make me wonder: How long did it take to complete the first draft? What was the process of choosing the art for the cover like? How did she manage to come up with such a clever title? Though I purchase most of my books online in the name of saving time and money, I make sure to stop by my favorite bookstore once in a while, with enough time to browse as many books as possible and of course, leave with one at the end of my visit.  Books & Books in Coral Gables is that place for me, housed in a beautifully restored 1920s  former clinic -you can still find a caduceus seal on the chimney in the Assouline Luxury Books section- it has always held a mysteriously elegant energy for me. Nestled in the burgeoning downtown area, this building is one of many, equally stunning Mediterranean style structures found throughout The City Beautiful.

Thousands of pristine books, organized by topics, sit on floor to ceiling shelves made of beautiful dark stained wood. I spend most of my time in the art books section, enjoying the beautiful images of new arrivals, or revisiting old classics.

Friday nights are great to sit by the courtyard, unwind from a long day at work while sipping some wine, and listening to a local band play the night away. Books & Books has always been a hit with my out-of-town friends. This gem holds a special place in the hearts of old and young Coral Gables residents. I am sure many cannot imagine the city without its beloved bookstore.








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  1. What a beautiful bookstore! Don’t you just love the intoxicating smell of a store full of books? Hmm…makes me want to go to my local library today 🙂

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