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Angela Bolaños is a Honduran born artist living in Miami, FL. Her process-driven creative practice makes use of textiles, reflective surfaces, found objects, traditional media and experimental techniques. Inspired by organic shapes often juxtaposed with geometric shapes, patterns and paper collage, the physicality of her work seduces the viewer with its rich texture, ebullient colors and expressive movement.  The creative journey of her work represents physical expressions of her continuous search into concepts of self- identity, cognitive psychology, perception, and the passing of time.

The gathering, sorting, and patterning of ideas are integral to the development of her process. This psychological convergence is a constant communal collaboration.

 As an art educator, her mission is to create works of art conducive to critical thinking and interpreting, She’d like to present them in safe spaces where transparent dialogues can take place and serve as growth opportunities for individuals looking to become agents of change in their communities.

Angela is a seasoned museum professional, having worked  at institutions such as Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Bass Museum of Art, HistoryMiami Museum, Coral Gables Museum, and Pérez Art Museum (PAMM). She is the co-founder of Conecta Art Collective and a member of the Junior League of Miami.

CV available upon request.