The Purchase

Between a stressful week at work and a recurrent knee injury, it was hard to keep my spirits up by the start of this weekend. Being physically active is a constant struggle for me. So, I am hardly surprised that my knee gave out after walking for about three hours during a camp field trip (day job) at ZooMiami. I spent the following day resting at home, icing my knee, and binging on tv re-runs.

I also did some shopping at my newly-discovered, favorite online heaven,

It is hard to wear anything slightly dressier during the scorching Florida summer, but,  I think this dress will be a hit for “girls’ night out” or middle of the week happy hour. I love these types of shirts for supermarket runs or long walks with my dog Margo.


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Fab Faves

Fabulous favorites are things I recommend you to buy, experience, or just reflect on. They make my day a little more exciting, encourage healthy living, or a positive outlook. Fab Faves posts are all about tips, tricks and life hacks I use to keep it fresh, feel inspired, keep perspective, and keep things real.

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Ooh la la-B’livinn

The beauty market is filled with such a myriad of  products that it feels like I am taking on a herculean task any time I want to share a new discovery on my blog. Though not necessarily a hoarder,  I very much enjoy stacking up my bathroom’s cubbies with ‘potions’ and lotions that promise a dewy look, softer hands, or a special glow. Why would anyone want to read about this? Do I have time to take pictures? Is this worth me sitting down and writing a whole paragraph about it? The answer to all three questions has to be a resounding YES! Every time, before I even consider writing a post.

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Blue Inspo

I am never disturbed when surrounded by bright, saturated, even strident hues. Color is everything in my life; blue being my favorite. An empty, blank wall? The ideas start flowing on the many different ways in which I can orchestrate a wall make over. I have now taken to mixing patterns so much I can give Anthropologie a run for their money!

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Gold Seams

Gold Seams

My office space is so dark -compared to the rest of the building- that my co-workers call it “the cave”. I don’t mind it so much because I know that the moment I step out the door the bright Florida sunshine will come through the floor to ceiling glass windows of the galleries. Nevertheless, I offset the ‘gloomy’ mood of the space by filling it with pretty things, colorful prints, and greenery everywhere. Continue Reading →