A Man’s Wallet?

I can’t walk out of my house without my wallet. Private information displayed on my driver’s license, library card, credit cards, corky reminders about the things that truly matter (like a sweet note from one of my nieces), and a picture or two, are just some of the very precious details of my life encased in this little item. So, whenever it is time to replace it, I become consumed with finding the next best thing. Continue Reading →

Vintage Jewelry…..My Favorite Brands (So Far)

Buying vintage jewelry is one of the greatest pleasures in life for me. I scour the internet looking for amazing pieces that I feel tell a story. The more I look at vintage pieces, the easier it gets to figure out if it is something I would actually want to own. Whether at stores or online, I discovered that there is so much to admire about those “old” necklaces or that long wool skirt (if you are into vintage clothing) I first thought were a little antiquated when I was younger. A turning point on my adventures-in-vintage was living in Portland for seven years. I got lost many times between old books, brass bookends, velvet skirts and granny handbags crowding all the little and big shops around the city. Continue Reading →

My Favorite Spring/Summer Hats

I am quite aware that as I write this post, with the bright Florida sunshine glaring through my living room window, most of the country can’t even fathom the idea of transitioning into Spring/Summer items yet. It has been an incredibly harsh winter, especially for the northern states. Yet, everyone is just a little closer to warmer weather and the absolute need to protect our faces from harmful exposure to the sun.

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Whether I live in a place where the winter is so cold I feel the chills are penetrating my bones, or a city where the summer is so hot I need to take a few showers a day- just to stay cool-scarves are always part of my wardrobe. I wear chunky knitted scarves like this one to compliment a heavy wool jacket, or a light colorful one for a cool Spring day. Even in the warmest weather, I always put a light scarf in my handbag for when I encounter the blasting cool air conditioner of a department store or an office. Continue Reading →

Beautiful Jewelry Containers and Tray

Organizing and knowing where your jewelry is, is as important as having it. It drives me crazy when I’m looking for a particular ring or necklace and can’t find it. I used to be pretty messy about handling my valuables when I was younger. I remember keeping all of them in one big container at one point, which was not a great idea. I spent many an afternoon detangling necklaces and bracelets! Continue Reading →

Carry on Art

That’s what I am calling it (for now). I have ADHD when it comes to expressing myself creatively. Painting on canvas, performing on a stage, taking photographs, making greeting cards, creating 3D works. Those are some of the ways in which I like to present my art to the world. I have been thinking about how I can express myself through fashion for a while. I have a pair of jeans I painted which garnered much attention but I left it at that, until now. I have found a medium that is both, extremely exciting for me and also, challenging enough to keep me engaged throughout the process. Continue Reading →

My First Vegan Tote

As I started writing the title of this post, it dawned on me that this is indeed the first vegan tote I have ever bought. I won’t be declining wearing leather any time soon, but I like to keep things balanced (at least in my mind), so I also buy a great deal of vintage handbags and totes. Now I’m adding vegan items to my collection. Continue Reading →

Personal Spaces

I have been meaning to work on my personal spaces at home for a while. There is so much that needs to be done in a home and, sometimes, those are the areas that get forgotten. I knew how I wanted to display some of my jewelry and other personal items but hadn’t found the right set up.

After a couple of months searching, I found these display cases at my local TJMaxx. I fell in love with the beautiful teal bottom. I also purchased the pretty teal and gold polka-dotted box, perfect to store some of my bracelets. These lucite trays are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, because I often forget what I have if it is not right in front of me. This way, I can see what I have without too much searching. Continue Reading →

Lacey @ The Eden Roc

Lacey has such a sweet spirit and is so much fun to photograph. She has the perfect personality to be a model. She is up for anything, never complains and has energy to shoot for hours! If she was tired after our four hour shoot, she had me fooled, she was as radiant in the end as she was when we started. These photos have more of an ‘artistic flair’ than our previous session.

The location is the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach. Earlier in the year, I spent countless hours at the Starbucks inside the hotel when JH and I first moved to Miami Beach from Portland, OR. I filled out job applications, looked for apartments and worked on homework, since I was still finishing my last college course to complete my undergraduate degree. Continue Reading →