Ooh la la-B’livinn

The beauty market is filled with such a myriad of  products that it feels like I am taking on a herculean task any time I want to share a new discovery on my blog. Though not necessarily a hoarder,  I very much enjoy stacking up my bathroom’s cubbies with ‘potions’ and lotions that promise a dewy look, softer hands, or a special glow. Why would anyone want to read about this? Do I have time to take pictures? Is this worth me sitting down and writing a whole paragraph about it? The answer to all three questions has to be a resounding YES! Every time, before I even consider writing a post.

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The Lob

The usually long-awaited summer months tend to be my least favorite time of the year. While the rest of the country is looking forward to a break from the cold temperatures, a permanent staple throughout the winter season, those of us living in South Florida know that the summer season means hot days and humid evenings, which barely allow for anything other than a tied-up bun or a high ponytail for the most part. Hence why, come early June, I chop my locks off. Continue Reading →

Beauty Thursday

This week’s Beauty Thursday  is all about the bare bones of my weekday makeup routine. As much as I’d like to, I can never manage the time to put on a full ‘other face’ before going to work. However, I like to at least cover up a few blemishes and spruce up my eyes (otherwise I look like I still have the pillow attached to my face). These are the five products that get me through the work week. I am constantly changing them and trying new things, so don’t be surprise if I come up with a new combination before too soon. My night time routine is a little more elaborate, and I go all out on weekends and for special events. Look for posts about those routines in the near future! Continue Reading →

Blogger Spotlight: IntoTheGloss

This post is about discovering and sharing. If you are like me, you love to find out what’s new in terms of fashion and lifestyle bloggers and their sites, or perhaps there is an iconic blogger you’ve somehow missed.

It’s amazing how much I have come to depend on bloggers to learn about new trends, beauty products, home décor, accessories and clothing. I still read established websites such as style.com and vogue.com. They will always be a part of my fashion ‘research’. However, blogs tend to promote products that are more accessible to the general public and provide alternatives to those incredible but really expensive brands offered by high end websites such as Net-A-Porter or Moda Operandi. Continue Reading →