The Purchase

Between a stressful week at work and a recurrent knee injury, it was hard to keep my spirits up by the start of this weekend. Being physically active is a constant struggle for me. So, I am hardly surprised that my knee gave out after walking for about three hours during a camp field trip (day job) at ZooMiami. I spent the following day resting at home, icing my knee, and binging on tv re-runs.

I also did some shopping at my newly-discovered, favorite online heaven,

It is hard to wear anything slightly dressier during the scorching Florida summer, but,  I think this dress will be a hit for “girls’ night out” or middle of the week happy hour. I love these types of shirts for supermarket runs or long walks with my dog Margo.


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A Man’s Wallet?

I can’t walk out of my house without my wallet. Private information displayed on my driver’s license, library card, credit cards, corky reminders about the things that truly matter (like a sweet note from one of my nieces), and a picture or two, are just some of the very precious details of my life encased in this little item. So, whenever it is time to replace it, I become consumed with finding the next best thing. Continue Reading →

My Favorite Spring/Summer Hats

I am quite aware that as I write this post, with the bright Florida sunshine glaring through my living room window, most of the country can’t even fathom the idea of transitioning into Spring/Summer items yet. It has been an incredibly harsh winter, especially for the northern states. Yet, everyone is just a little closer to warmer weather and the absolute need to protect our faces from harmful exposure to the sun.

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Favorite Looks: New York Fashion Week 2015

Attending a fashion show during New York Fashion Week is an absolute dream of mine. I have “lived” the experience through others: fashion blogs, magazines and documentaries, but nothing can beat the -I assume- sensory overload of being there in the flesh. The hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get to their seat on time, the “Oh, did I just see Anna Wintour pass by?” or “Those shoes!”. The excitement of knowing that you are one of the first people to view the amazing creations of the top designers in the world. Even so, I feel extremely lucky to be able to be kept informed of the latest fashion trends by so many amazing news outlets and bloggers covering the events.  Continue Reading →


Whether I live in a place where the winter is so cold I feel the chills are penetrating my bones, or a city where the summer is so hot I need to take a few showers a day- just to stay cool-scarves are always part of my wardrobe. I wear chunky knitted scarves like this one to compliment a heavy wool jacket, or a light colorful one for a cool Spring day. Even in the warmest weather, I always put a light scarf in my handbag for when I encounter the blasting cool air conditioner of a department store or an office. Continue Reading →

Beautiful Jewelry Containers and Tray

Organizing and knowing where your jewelry is, is as important as having it. It drives me crazy when I’m looking for a particular ring or necklace and can’t find it. I used to be pretty messy about handling my valuables when I was younger. I remember keeping all of them in one big container at one point, which was not a great idea. I spent many an afternoon detangling necklaces and bracelets! Continue Reading →

Crop Tops Do’s and Don’ts

Wikipedia describes them as “a top the lower part of which is high enough to expose the  waist, navel or some of the midriff.” We can agree it may be a matter of being able to “pull it off”. Now, Who can “pull it off”? Who is the arbiter making that decision? Though I believe the right attitude can totally transform an outfit, when it comes to crop tops, I have a more definitive opinion on what I consider classy or just trying too hard. A sneak peek of someone’s belly is cute, but too much of it and I feel like I want to take my own jacket off and prevent a girl from catching pneumonia. Continue Reading →

I Feel Ya

Heeya, Heeeeeya! Yes! I made it to the last day of the “I feel ya” exhibit. Andre 3000 and SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) teamed up to exhibit the custom jumpsuits he wore for Outkast’s Reunion Tour. Curated by Laurie Ann Farrell, director of exhibitions at SCAD, “I feel ya” is everything I expected and more. The streamlined set up of all 47 jumpsuits makes an impression when entering the exhibition area. The stark black and white of both jumpsuits and video screens projections are quite a contrast from the colorful foyer. I attended the exhibit with a friend who’s a SCAD alumni, she explained to me that the bright colors and modern furniture are very much in line with SCAD’s campus’ aesthetic. Continue Reading →

Carry on Art

That’s what I am calling it (for now). I have ADHD when it comes to expressing myself creatively. Painting on canvas, performing on a stage, taking photographs, making greeting cards, creating 3D works. Those are some of the ways in which I like to present my art to the world. I have been thinking about how I can express myself through fashion for a while. I have a pair of jeans I painted which garnered much attention but I left it at that, until now. I have found a medium that is both, extremely exciting for me and also, challenging enough to keep me engaged throughout the process. Continue Reading →