My Favorite Ballet Flats

I am wise beyond my years when it comes to wearing shoes that are sensible, comfortable and stylish. It took a lot of pain and cheap shoes to get here. Part of the challenge was not knowing what to look for when it comes to getting quality footwear, and the other part was settling for less than what my feet deserve. I know many ladies who can stand around with uncomfortable shoes and take it like a pro. They have a smile on their face the whole time -you would only notice their pain if you stare into their eyes, then you could spot the slight twitch that gives them away- I am the complete opposite, I wince, squeal and/or moan until I take the perpetrators off my feet. Continue Reading →

Favorite Looks: New York Fashion Week 2015

Attending a fashion show during New York Fashion Week is an absolute dream of mine. I have “lived” the experience through others: fashion blogs, magazines and documentaries, but nothing can beat the -I assume- sensory overload of being there in the flesh. The hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get to their seat on time, the “Oh, did I just see Anna Wintour pass by?” or “Those shoes!”. The excitement of knowing that you are one of the first people to view the amazing creations of the top designers in the world. Even so, I feel extremely lucky to be able to be kept informed of the latest fashion trends by so many amazing news outlets and bloggers covering the events.  Continue Reading →

Pattern: Dolce Vita Flynn Oxfords

I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of beige, black, white or any other neutral colored shoes. It’s not that I lost my taste for simplicity, it’s just that for one pair of black shoes I find I like, I find three or four pairs of brightly colored or pattern printed shoes I love. I am aware that I’m building a shoe collection mostly composed of oxfords and slip in loafers, but I can’t help myself, oxfords and loafers are the perfect synthesis of comfortable and style.

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My Shoes Went to Town

Photographing a pair of shoes at the museum takes a great deal of confidence. I got a couple of odd looks and stares, but I thought these pair of shoes deserved a fitting venue to be photographed at.

These amazing flats are not your everyday pair. They make me think they could be worn by Queen Elisabeth II while opening Parliament, or perhaps something Beyonce would wear on stage if she was forced (gasp!) to wear flats because twisted her ankle on one of these Single Ladies moves the previous night. Continue Reading →

JH @ the Sagamore

JH (my husband) and I went to The Sagamore Hotel for our first proper photo shoot together. I chose this location because it is one of my favorite hotels in Miami Beach. Though as luxurious as the best of them, it has a very relaxed and informal feel. The staff is incredibly friendly and the walls are normally covered with amazing art work.

The lush green area which serves as a preamble to their amazing pool is perfect to sit down and relax while reading a favorite book, at least that is what I do from time to time. Continue Reading →