Favorite Looks: New York Fashion Week 2015

Attending a fashion show during New York Fashion Week is an absolute dream of mine. I have “lived” the experience through others: fashion blogs, magazines and documentaries, but nothing can beat the -I assume- sensory overload of being there in the flesh. The hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get to their seat on time, the “Oh, did I just see Anna Wintour pass by?” or “Those shoes!”. The excitement of knowing that you are one of the first people to view the amazing creations of the top designers in the world. Even so, I feel extremely lucky to be able to be kept informed of the latest fashion trends by so many amazing news outlets and bloggers covering the events.  Continue Reading →

Lacey @ The Eden Roc

Lacey has such a sweet spirit and is so much fun to photograph. She has the perfect personality to be a model. She is up for anything, never complains and has energy to shoot for hours! If she was tired after our four hour shoot, she had me fooled, she was as radiant in the end as she was when we started. These photos have more of an ‘artistic flair’ than our previous session.

The location is the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach. Earlier in the year, I spent countless hours at the Starbucks inside the hotel when JH and I first moved to Miami Beach from Portland, OR. I filled out job applications, looked for apartments and worked on homework, since I was still finishing my last college course to complete my undergraduate degree. Continue Reading →