My First Vegan Tote

As I started writing the title of this post, it dawned on me that this is indeed the first vegan tote I have ever bought. I won’t be declining wearing leather any time soon, but I like to keep things balanced (at least in my mind), so I also buy a great deal of vintage handbags and totes. Now I’m adding vegan items to my collection. Continue Reading →

Personal Spaces

I have been meaning to work on my personal spaces at home for a while. There is so much that needs to be done in a home and, sometimes, those are the areas that get forgotten. I knew how I wanted to display some of my jewelry and other personal items but hadn’t found the right set up.

After a couple of months searching, I found these display cases at my local TJMaxx. I fell in love with the beautiful teal bottom. I also purchased the pretty teal and gold polka-dotted box, perfect to store some of my bracelets. These lucite trays are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, because I often forget what I have if it is not right in front of me. This way, I can see what I have without too much searching. Continue Reading →

Art and Fashion United for a Good Cause

I photographed a great event this past weekend. Alyn Kalach organized an incredible display of color, texture, and beauty, all for a great cause.

Alyn and Mexican designer Ivonne Cohen united forces to raise funds for the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University’s Center for Autism & Related Disabilities.

The fashion show took place at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. Against the works of El Anatsui, Ivonne Cohen’s designs were a kaleidoscopic, ruffle-filled extravaganza. The cohesive elements of this collection are not what makes the pieces look like one another, but the distinctly modern take on traditionally known materials presented in unpredictable ways. Continue Reading →

Lacey @ The Eden Roc

Lacey has such a sweet spirit and is so much fun to photograph. She has the perfect personality to be a model. She is up for anything, never complains and has energy to shoot for hours! If she was tired after our four hour shoot, she had me fooled, she was as radiant in the end as she was when we started. These photos have more of an ‘artistic flair’ than our previous session.

The location is the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach. Earlier in the year, I spent countless hours at the Starbucks inside the hotel when JH and I first moved to Miami Beach from Portland, OR. I filled out job applications, looked for apartments and worked on homework, since I was still finishing my last college course to complete my undergraduate degree. Continue Reading →

Blogger Spotlight: IntoTheGloss

This post is about discovering and sharing. If you are like me, you love to find out what’s new in terms of fashion and lifestyle bloggers and their sites, or perhaps there is an iconic blogger you’ve somehow missed.

It’s amazing how much I have come to depend on bloggers to learn about new trends, beauty products, home décor, accessories and clothing. I still read established websites such as and They will always be a part of my fashion ‘research’. However, blogs tend to promote products that are more accessible to the general public and provide alternatives to those incredible but really expensive brands offered by high end websites such as Net-A-Porter or Moda Operandi. Continue Reading →

Rachel @ Home

Rachel’s ‘coolness’ is effortless. She is fun, outgoing and incredibly polite. Whether trivial or not, she always looks genuinely  interested in any story I tell her. I have been wanting to take pictures of her for a while. Her personal style is obviously well-thought-out but still feels easy and fresh.

Rachel has a penchant for modern, geometric jewelry, printed pants, floral flowy kimono-like cardigans, d’orsay flats and the occasional plaid shirt. Continue Reading →

Pattern: Dolce Vita Flynn Oxfords

I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of beige, black, white or any other neutral colored shoes. It’s not that I lost my taste for simplicity, it’s just that for one pair of black shoes I find I like, I find three or four pairs of brightly colored or pattern printed shoes I love. I am aware that I’m building a shoe collection mostly composed of oxfords and slip in loafers, but I can’t help myself, oxfords and loafers are the perfect synthesis of comfortable and style.

Continue Reading →