Blogger Spotlight: Sea of Shoes

Sea of Shoes is one of the first fashion blogs I ever visited. I have been wrecking my head trying to remember how I found out about it, but it was so long ago I can’t recall.

Jane Aldridge, was a precocious fifteen year old when she wrote her first blog post. She scanned her handwritten posts and along with her super cute and quirky looks has become a fashion blog icon. Continue Reading →

Crop Tops Do’s and Don’ts

Wikipedia describes them as “a top the lower part of which is high enough to expose the  waist, navel or some of the midriff.” We can agree it may be a matter of being able to “pull it off”. Now, Who can “pull it off”? Who is the arbiter making that decision? Though I believe the right attitude can totally transform an outfit, when it comes to crop tops, I have a more definitive opinion on what I consider classy or just trying too hard. A sneak peek of someone’s belly is cute, but too much of it and I feel like I want to take my own jacket off and prevent a girl from catching pneumonia. Continue Reading →

I Feel Ya

Heeya, Heeeeeya! Yes! I made it to the last day of the “I feel ya” exhibit. Andre 3000 and SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) teamed up to exhibit the custom jumpsuits he wore for Outkast’s Reunion Tour. Curated by Laurie Ann Farrell, director of exhibitions at SCAD, “I feel ya” is everything I expected and more. The streamlined set up of all 47 jumpsuits makes an impression when entering the exhibition area. The stark black and white of both jumpsuits and video screens projections are quite a contrast from the colorful foyer. I attended the exhibit with a friend who’s a SCAD alumni, she explained to me that the bright colors and modern furniture are very much in line with SCAD’s campus’ aesthetic. Continue Reading →

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 ended this past Sunday and with it left the extra crazy traffic (extra because of the fairs, crazy is always there), in Miami Beach and Wynwood Design District. Also gone is the conglomeration of exceptionally fashionable folks from all over the world. Though Miamians love their fashion, the kind of methodical attention seen during Art Basel Miami Beach is exceptional.I am very happy to say that there are a lot of great artistic organizations blossoming in Miami and the surrounding areas, as well as art-related events happening almost every weekend. However, Art Basel Miami Beach is a different kind of beast, sensory overload to the max, but in the best kind of way. Continue Reading →