Favorite Looks: New York Fashion Week 2015

Attending a fashion show during New York Fashion Week is an absolute dream of mine. I have “lived” the experience through others: fashion blogs, magazines and documentaries, but nothing can beat the -I assume- sensory overload of being there in the flesh. The hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get to their seat on time, the “Oh, did I just see Anna Wintour pass by?” or “Those shoes!”. The excitement of knowing that you are one of the first people to view the amazing creations of the top designers in the world. Even so, I feel extremely lucky to be able to be kept informed of the latest fashion trends by so many amazing news outlets and bloggers covering the events.  Continue Reading →


Whether I live in a place where the winter is so cold I feel the chills are penetrating my bones, or a city where the summer is so hot I need to take a few showers a day- just to stay cool-scarves are always part of my wardrobe. I wear chunky knitted scarves like this one to compliment a heavy wool jacket, or a light colorful one for a cool Spring day. Even in the warmest weather, I always put a light scarf in my handbag for when I encounter the blasting cool air conditioner of a department store or an office. Continue Reading →

Marine Stadium in Key Biscayne

The juxtaposition of a structure in ruins and freshly painted urban art, nestled on the breathtaking bay side of Key Biscayne, is one of the most stunning sights I have experienced. When I first walked on the grounds of this decrepit, yet still somehow magical building; full of broken glass and copious amounts of empty spray paint cans, the first thought that came to my mind was….Photoshoot!! Continue Reading →

Beautiful Jewelry Containers and Tray

Organizing and knowing where your jewelry is, is as important as having it. It drives me crazy when I’m looking for a particular ring or necklace and can’t find it. I used to be pretty messy about handling my valuables when I was younger. I remember keeping all of them in one big container at one point, which was not a great idea. I spent many an afternoon detangling necklaces and bracelets! Continue Reading →