Blogger Spotlight: Cupcakes and Cashmere

I have been reading Cupcakes and Cashmere for as long as I’ve been aware of personal blogs. I visit this page almost daily, hoping to get more fashion tips and lifestyle advice from the lovely Emily Schuman. She is the super-cute-girl-next-door who you’d think has it all together and always cooks while sipping a glass of champagne. But Emily makes sure to let her readers know that  being that stylish takes effort. Her honest and simple approach is what makes her so likeable, and though I look at a number of “aspirational” blogs regularly, her posts are the ones I actually read from beginning to end. Another reason why I love this blog so much is its consistency. Continue Reading →

My Favorite Ballet Flats

I am wise beyond my years when it comes to wearing shoes that are sensible, comfortable and stylish. It took a lot of pain and cheap shoes to get here. Part of the challenge was not knowing what to look for when it comes to getting quality footwear, and the other part was settling for less than what my feet deserve. I know many ladies who can stand around with uncomfortable shoes and take it like a pro. They have a smile on their face the whole time -you would only notice their pain if you stare into their eyes, then you could spot the slight twitch that gives them away- I am the complete opposite, I wince, squeal and/or moan until I take the perpetrators off my feet. Continue Reading →

Beauty Thursday

This week’s Beauty Thursday  is all about the bare bones of my weekday makeup routine. As much as I’d like to, I can never manage the time to put on a full ‘other face’ before going to work. However, I like to at least cover up a few blemishes and spruce up my eyes (otherwise I look like I still have the pillow attached to my face). These are the five products that get me through the work week. I am constantly changing them and trying new things, so don’t be surprise if I come up with a new combination before too soon. My night time routine is a little more elaborate, and I go all out on weekends and for special events. Look for posts about those routines in the near future! Continue Reading →

Vintage Jewelry…..My Favorite Brands (So Far)

Buying vintage jewelry is one of the greatest pleasures in life for me. I scour the internet looking for amazing pieces that I feel tell a story. The more I look at vintage pieces, the easier it gets to figure out if it is something I would actually want to own. Whether at stores or online, I discovered that there is so much to admire about those “old” necklaces or that long wool skirt (if you are into vintage clothing) I first thought were a little antiquated when I was younger. A turning point on my adventures-in-vintage was living in Portland for seven years. I got lost many times between old books, brass bookends, velvet skirts and granny handbags crowding all the little and big shops around the city. Continue Reading →

My Favorite Spring/Summer Hats

I am quite aware that as I write this post, with the bright Florida sunshine glaring through my living room window, most of the country can’t even fathom the idea of transitioning into Spring/Summer items yet. It has been an incredibly harsh winter, especially for the northern states. Yet, everyone is just a little closer to warmer weather and the absolute need to protect our faces from harmful exposure to the sun.

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